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Puzlet is a set of software libraries for scientific computing in the browser. The heart of Puzlet is the blab (short for web lab), a web page for interactive computation and graphics. Learn more about Puzlet.


Blabr is a web app built on the Puzlet foundation. Blabr makes it easy for you to create your own blabs. It comes with a whole lot of demos and examples to get you started. Try it now!

Check out the Blabr blog featuring all kinds of blabs.

Space Math

These blabs are adapted from Space Math @ NASA ILabs (interactive Excel spreadsheets). Each blab lets students experiment with a variety of mathematical models for planetary structure, heat flow and rotation among other modeled properties.

A common feature is to interactively 'fit' real-world data with a linear equation, where sliders control the slope and intercept values.


This repository includes a medley of blabs from the STEM fields—science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Examples:

Toy Problem

In scientific disciplines, a toy problem is a problem that is not of immediate scientific interest, yet is used as an expository device to illustrate a trait that may be shared by other, more complicated, instances of the problem, or as a way to explain a particular, more general, problem solving technique.
— Wikipedia (12/01/14)

This repository includes a range of interesting toy problems. Examples: power spectral density, mobile phone noise figure, feedback control.

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